Today was just to hot for my Beef Barley Bean Stew. Wow talk about going up 30 body temperature degrees. I guess it's time to start thinking of cooler summer meals. I just love those Frontier Mixes I have. They're yummy.
I have mint chocolate chip ice cream in the freezer though so that will help.
I have been visiting different websites again and wow they are so interesting. I usually get stuck in a circle of either those who are writers or large families, and even those who have large families due to adoption. But wow their sites are just fantastic. Makes my little life seem so dull and boring. But I do have fun with all the stories and pictures they post.
Have you seen the newsest show on t.v. (operation repo) My husband wants me to watch it with him now and then, and it's okay for someone who doesn't watch t.v. but it is kind of rough and the things some people will say and do to not get their possesions repossed. It can be a bit much.
I am enjoying having a site again and writing just for the fun of it, even if no one ever visits it's a joy to yak it up. I also have a no posting ban on my writings, and if someone wants to leave a message or comment they will have to use the email form. That puts a halt on certain types of comments, that are unwanted.
Okay enough blabbering
Hope you are all having a wonderfully blessed day.
Praying for peace in your lives
Miss Mary

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