Lukewarm Christians

A Lukewarm "Christian" is an UNSAVED Person who THINKS they are Saved. They are someone who is Indifferent, and Half-hearted about Jesus. They are what the Bible calls, CARNAL. The Word "Carnal" is from a Greek Word "sarkikos", which means "Fleshly," or you could say Worldly.

  • Rom 8:6 "To be CARNALLY (Worldly) MINDED is DEATH"
A Lukewarm Carnal "Christian" is not Sold out for Jesus as Jesus commands us to be in Mark 12:30-31, Matt 10:37-39, Rev 3:15-20, etc. They Compromise with the World— they have One Foot in the World, and One Foot in God's Word (Rom 12:2). They call themselves a Born Again Christian (John 3:3, 2 Cor 5:17), but they deceive themselves (2 Tim 3:13). Most Lukewarmers LOOK, ACT, AND TALK just like the World, and they are bearing NO Good "FRUIT" for Jesus— John 15:8, Matt 13:36-40Matt 25:13-40, John 15:2-8 yet they call themselves Christians (Mark 7:6-9). Lukewarm people do NOT OBEY JESUS, God's Word, or God's Commandments. 1 John 2:3-6; 2 Thess 1:7-9; Rom 2:6-10; John 14:15; Luke 6:46-49; Rev 2:26; Matt 5:19; Eccl 12:13-1

Matt 7:21-23 Jesus warns, "Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord! Lord!' will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who DO the Will of My Father in Heaven will enter. On Judgment Day MANY will say to Me 'Lord! Lord! We Prophesied, Cast out demons, and Performed MANY Miracles in Your Name.' But I will reply, 'I Never Knew you. Depart From Me, you who Break God's Laws (Practice Lawlessness)." • Matt 7:13-14 Jesus warns, "You can enter God's Kingdom ONLY through the NARROW GATE. The Highway to Hell is BROAD, and its Gate is WIDE for the MANY who choose that way. But the Gateway To Life is VERY NARROW, and the Road is DIFFICULT
and only a FEW EVER find it."

One of the Reasons people DO NOT TRULY COME TO CHRIST is they LOVE & HOLD onto their DEEDS OF DARKNESS & THIS LIFE MORE than wanting to come to the Light (Jesus)…and they don't BELIEVE GOD’S WORD— nor do they Truly FEAR GOD.

John 3:19 “And the JUDGMENT is based on this fact: God’s LIGHT (JESUS) came into the WORLD, but people LOVED the DARKNESS MORE than the LIGHT, for their ACTIONS WERE EVIL.”

Signs of a No Compromise Christian - Looks at the Signs, Fruit, & Evidences of a No Compromise Christian or True Believer from the Scriptures in God's Word. The Purpose is to: Provoke, Exhort, and Stir the Hearts of all those who call themselves a Believer in Jesus Christ— Provoking Believers to Biblically become More & More Conformed into the Image of Jesus Christ in all we: Say, Think, or Do (1 Cor 10:31, 2 Cor 3:16-17,18).