Things about me.

I am married for 29 years, yes to the same man =-) I have 3 kids, 2 boys and 1 girl.

I live in the country, and have a small farm. I have  *had* 2 dogs, 8 rabbits, 1 potbellied pig, and um well a lot of cats. Our yard is always inhabited by groundhogs, raccoons, oppossums, deer, squirrels, and  chipmunk. We also have loads of turkey *no not us* real turkeys.

I am a christian , head covering woman who lives to serve the Lord and man as best I can.I am the granddaughter of a pastor and had been raised in a Christian home. I grew up in a church.

My best friend has been that for 36 years and now lives in Okalahoma. It seems like I've known her forever. She is like a sister to me.
I have 1 sister older,and 2 younger brothers.My father passed away in 2004 and my mother lives alone ,

I love Spring, early monring, pizza, chips, camping,reading, and being a mom. God has blessed my life and I am so grateful for all he has given me.

I turned my life over to the Lord in 1998 and live every moment for him, He has given me salvation and guides my life everyday, blessing me in everything I do.