Today is another birthday. St. patricks day was my daughter's birthday , and today is my son's, and in 2 weeks in my youngest son's birthday. I hate having three  every 2 weeks. Do you know how much I dislike cake and ice cream after this. But I love my kids and am so grateful to have them. God has been so good to me. I love them dearly. 

What a beautiful week we have ahead of us. 65-75degree weather. Wow I'm going to love that.Spring is my thing you know.

I hope you all find my new website soon, I know I haven't given it out yet to but a few of you but I wanted to make sure I had one I'd keep and this might be it. As you can see I need to add a few more pages and they will have Christian content on them, but I haven't had the time as of yet. Be patient,.

Hope you are all having a wonderfully Blessed day,
Much love Miss Mary
3/30/2010 04:13:05 am

So far so good Miss Mary. If you are still looking around. I heart Wordpress.

Either way, glad to see you writing again.

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