Just thought I'd stop in and give just a small update as to what is going on. On monday I went to the store with my daughter and when we got home we put all our things away, and then my daughter counted her money. She does this all the time as to make sure she is accurate. She had it all. Then on Wednesday she goes to get her money and there is $100.00 missing. I could not believe this. This is our home and all that is here is family. I was so devistated  and she of course was in tears. We were so upset we couldn't even eat our lunch. I am praying that whoever took it will feel guilt and repent of this deed.

I have also been struggling with a few things spiritually, about the (or not) Trinity, The true (names) of Christ and Elohim, and struggling to find other answers to other questions.
This Sabbath is my second Sabbath that I've kept since discovering that it really is Friday sunset to Saturday sunset. It's not as hard to remember and to do as I thought it might be.

Also after my husband's car accident he has finally recieved the insurance checks and was able to buy a really nice full sized truck. He gets it this Monday 4-26. Not to say he is excited about this. A true blessing from Yahuah.

We are having thunder and lightning storms all this week so I'm hoping we are not going to lose our electric.

I have bought a few more veils and also some snaps for some veils I have that have none .I bought them from The Happy Homestead on Etsy. She is wonderful, and her products are very high quality.

I have started a journal (yes hand written one) and I'm jotting down a lot more than I thought I would. Imagine, me at my age journaling. Well who knows what might become of it. Hopefully my children or grandchildren (if I have any someday) will get a hold of it and enjoy reading what I have written.

Well that's it for now. Blessings to all of you.
Miss Mary

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